28 October, 2010

Its PL time

Hey friends,
                  Its PL time, all engineers know the "essence" of this so called preparation leave but you all will agree its kind of vacations for us. And for all my Pune University mates, its not just a vacation, its the time called LIFE.
                  Well this is my first blog and yes PL is the best time to come up with it. Actually PL is the time, when you can actually live your dreams. The whole semester sucks out your life and yes those creepy bunch of lectures you attend with teachers who are basically "Dementors", feed off your happiness and leave you in despair! But yeah you kinda enjoy it, and try to be optimistic about them, though just to pacify a bit of ego!

             Well, with me the PL story comes like this. I make all the plans of what and how abouts of everything i wished to do the sem, but couldn't. The planning is tremendous, nothing less to the big wedding planning, i say! I wish to leave no stone unturned, i have all my schedules, all activities listed down. Everything seems just perfect. But something has to be their with the PLs.

The PLs arrive. I have everything finalized, all set. The only thing remaining is Execution. I'm put to test, and yes the results are just wonderful. Here it goes- Plans include morning jog, skating, a bit of reading ( have got all sorts of novels i wish to read) of course some time to study (its preparation leave ya ;p) then household chores, evening walk, painting, and yes Sleeping. But what actually happens is i wake up and i sleep. And the cycle just goes on. I wonder if its a vicious circle.

I have become so lethargic, so lazy , nearly allergic to activities. I seriously think there is some connection of this PL and universe. They conspire all this. I'm so real active all my semester days, infact hyper active and PL comes as a wonderful desire- one with rest, tranquility, self introspection time and bullshit happens and all just goes futile.
      But surely PL has something very mysterious about it. It opens up to thee only when thee surrender to it !