28 August, 2014

Life at 22...oops 23!

It had been a lazy weekend, ogling at my computer screen, looking straight ahead at nothing and that's when a train of thoughts ran through my mind. Out of the zillion thoughts that sprung up in my mind, I was baffled wondering which thought to entertain. For a moment, everything seemed stagnant, and as I zeroed down to what's really happening, I heard a few voices in my head.

Sometimes, I feel the voices fight amongst themselves. Today, they seemed to have united to examine me.

Everyday has something new waiting for us. We have plans and life has its plans. Everyone lives in their own time zone. A few people tend to be present hedonists, while most of us are future-oriented.
Read The Beginning! to get a hang of time-zone perspectives.

Life at 23 gives us a whole new set of questions as well as theories. The first thing to figure out is our own time perspective. We evolve with time, so does our time zone. In today's world we transform from the happy little breast sucking babies to world class future planners.

It questions us about our very own self. Is life the way we imagined it to be? As I happen to mention in The Beginning, we are keen to grow up as kids and we long to find the kid within ourselves as we grow up. The most striking difference between a child and an adult is Perspective. It so intriguing that one simple thing can be seen in two completely different ways. But we fail to appreciate the difference.

I always feel it is very important for that little kid inside us to be alive. It is purely our responsibility to not let that one thing die within us.

The voice that could unite to tell me this message.. is not any ordinary thought that just occurred. It is something very deep. It is the scarring experience that made me realize it is so important for that kid to never die.