12 March, 2011

If anything has to go wrong, it WILL !!

Well, today was quite a day, starting from 11th hour preparation for the presentation to whole day of project work; i am left exhausted, a bit lost, more or less in some trance.
          A bit unusual daydream, I thought about a lot of events that have affected me lately, from the emotional trauma to the practical problems. I have tortured my brain like anything.
          Today, somehow I could associate atleast one Murphy’s law with each of the thing pestering me. Murphy’s laws are really intriguing. Seriously. And this blog is about these amazing laws we live with.

About its origin: they say if anything has to go wrong, IT WILL. How true, I say! This is what has been happening with me, from quite a time.
I find this correlation quite amazing. Have a look.

Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse. Tried and tested. That’s quite a normal reflex applied to certain situations. But the lesson is things don’t heal with time.

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. Of course, nothing is meant to be perfect and without friction. When you think, things are at their best, you are entirely, completely, thoroughly MISTAKEN. Just keep polling your behaiviour, nothing can ever be smooth sailing.

He who angers you controls you, therefore you have no control over your anger. Hmm, people who know me know me as the most patient, calm, composed, soft person. I try my best to not lose my temper ever. But when I do, its time one could wish death better, but sadly the one who suffers immensely is me. Lesson- just don’t lose your temper. FORGET and FORGIVE. There are superbly awesome things waiting for you to invest your time and brain in!
          Talking about all this, the most interesting part comes is the Murphy’s technology laws. Our Sir talks all the time about it. Well very simple ones go like this, if your project examination is today, the project is likely not going to work like it did the whole week before.
You just can’t get enough of these.

Anyways, lets conclude this with the philosophy I believe, I have realized it’s all a mind game. I am so proud of this ingenious brain, and we all are trapped in its trivial moves. Sometimes its better to just stop torturing it, and of course I don’t want to die of alzheimer’s LOL (they say risk factors include: history of head trauma and female gender) :-D.

Be HAPPY. KEEP Learning.

And yeah, don’t forget A knowledge of Murphy's Law is of no help in any situation. he ha ha..